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Pinecone's Complete
Business Building Blueprint:
Seeds of Change

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Introducing Seeds of Change
Step by Step Tasks, Video Trainings, and Templates

Pinecone’s Seeds of Change will teach you:
How to run & scale a practice-step by step
Make the right decisions at the right times to avoid threats and take advantage of opportunities

Blueprint Includes:

How to Modernize Marketing of Your Business and Brand
How to Hire the Best talent and how to compensate them
Understanding/Navigating the Pinecone Platform
Best Practices for Organizing and Storing Client Data
Utilizing Reports to Visualize Your Data Offering New Optics into Your Business
Over 150 Original Training Videos
Step by Step Action Plans
& More with new content added regularly

Seeds of Change: Action Plans

Action Plans are Step by Step Guides to Running Your Most Efficient Practice, based on the processes created and refined at Crown Haven Wealth Advisors 

  • 60+ Proven, Industry-specific, and Customizable Email Templates Designed to Nurture Leads and Clients at Every Step in your Sales Process

  • 60+ Action Plans with >400+ Clearly Organized and Separate Tasks in the Proper Sequence and Timeline, Based on the Same Industry-Leading Client Journey Crown Haven uses (from Marketing, Sales, Administration, Service, and New Revenue Generating Opportunities)

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