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Industry Secrets Unleashed: The Complete Blueprint That Reveals What FMOs & IMOs Keep Hidden to Keep You Dependent.
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Comprehensive Clarity:
The Industry’s Only Roadmap for a Thriving Independent Practice

Legal Entity Formation

Navigate the complexities of your organization's legal structure with Pinecone's step-by-step guidance. From incorporation to compliance, ensure your business is built on a solid legal foundation.

Brand Awareness

Build a memorable brand with Pinecone's strategic insights. Connect with your audience, establish trust, and create a lasting impression in your market.

Traditional Marketing Channels

Complement your digital marketing efforts with Pinecone's expertise in traditional marketing. Leverage print, broadcast, direct mail, and in-person events to create a comprehensive marketing mix.

Modern Digital Marketing

Embrace the future of client engagement with Pinecone's cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Maximize your reach and ROI in the digital space with our tailored marketing solutions.

Client Acquisition

From Prospects to Profits: With Pinecone, you're not just acquiring clients, you're boosting your close ratio to over 75%, a leap from the 15% industry average and double the 30% top producer rate, and see your annual profits soar.

Plan Design

Become the advisor who sees the full picture with Pinecone's holistic plan design. Transcend outdated and captive AUM or annuity pigeonholes. Learn to construct financial plans that are as rational as they are comprehensive, and watch your competitive edge sharpen.

Client Service

Deliver exceptional service with Pinecone's client-first approach. Enhance satisfaction, foster loyalty, and drive growth through our comprehensive service methodologies.

Company Organization

Structure your team for success with Pinecone's organizational blueprints. Optimize workflows, clarify roles, and unleash the full potential of your workforce.

Hiring & Training Staff

Attract top talent and cultivate a skilled team with Pinecone's hiring and training resources. Build a foundation for excellence with our recruitment and development strategies.

Optimizing with Technology

Leap ahead with Pinecone's advanced tech tools. Streamline operations, automate processes, and gain invaluable insights to propel your business forward.

Organizational Growth & Scaling

Expand your business with confidence using Pinecone's growth strategies. Scale smartly and sustainably, while maintaining operational excellence and company culture.

Exit Strategy

Plan your future with Pinecone's strategic exit frameworks. Whether transitioning ownership or closing a chapter, move forward with a clear, profitable plan.

From formation to a strategic exit – navigate every facet of your business journey with precision and expertise.

Pinecone’s Business Building Blueprint is your comprehensive guide, tailored specifically for insurance agents and wealth advisors, ensuring holistic growth and optimal ROI.

It's YOUR Business - Take Control.

Build Today

Build Today

Build Today

Build Today

Exit Tomorrow

Exit Tomorrow

Exit Tomorrow

Pinecone’s Business Building Blueprint is more than just a guide – it’s your roadmap to business success. Dive deep into strategic insights tailored specifically for your industry, encompassing everything from efficient business structuring to brand identity development. Elevate your business operations by automating repetitive tasks, harnessing advanced tech, and implementing proven marketing strategies.

With over 500 pages of meticulously curated content, this blueprint is designed to propel you towards your dream exit.

Completely Customizable Content for YOUR Brand

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Form Your Business, Create Your Identity & STRATEGY

Efficiently Structure Your Business, & Develop Your Unique Brand Identity. 
Automating Repetitive Tasks & Utilize Pre-Made Processes

People, Marketing, & Sales Success: Connected

Experience a Detailed Analysis of the Crucial Steps YOU NEED to Take, when Hiring, Training, & Organizing Your Firm to do it all EFFICENTLY!

Plan Design, Servicing, and White Label Templates

With Pinecone's Plan Design and Servicing Frameworks, Our Custom Made Templates are Ready to complete the formula when you add Your Name & Logo!

Business Building Blueprint Contents

Meet the Founder and author

Casey A. Marx, RICP® CFF®

Authored by one of the Industry's top producing advisors, responsible for over 350 million in personal issued production in less than a decade.

As an expert in finance, Casey is particularly interested in showing advisors how to take a holistic approach to handling their client's finances.

Pinecone's Ecosystem offers other independent advisors how to emulate the success that allowed Casey to exponentially grow his Retail Firm.