Sales Success Series

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The Proven Sales Processes and Resources for Maximizing Agent Production.

Experience a transformative approach to sales with our Sales Success Video Series, tailored for insurance agents & advisors, ensuring a 75%+ close rate.

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Our expertly curated series provides a clear roadmap for professionals seeking to streamline their sales processes & increase close rates.

Unlock Your Sales Potential.

Dive deep into the nuances of sales psychology, understand client perception, and adopt a systematic approach that resonates with client needs.

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Over 50 step-by-step instructional videos.

Systematic & Repeatable

Achieve a 75%+ close rate with our proven sales methodology.

Optimal Sales Process

Optimize the time spent in sales cycles.

Client Psychology Analysis

Enhance client rapport, leading to higher trust and faster conversions.

Sell the Solution

Acquire skills to align your solutions precisely to your client's true pain points.

Improve Client Retention

Learn scalable processes to maintain consistent success across all client interactions.

Master the Art of Closing with Pinecone’s Sales Success Series.

Empower your sales journey with over 50 instructional videos showing you a linear path to attain a transformative 75%+ close rate.

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Unlock the secrets to a robust and successful sales strategy with Pinecone’s Sales Success Series.

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50+ Step-by-Step Videos

Instructional Sales Content to Coach YOU to a 75%+ Close Rate

Client Best Practices

Increase Appointment Efficiency, Close Rates, and Issued Business

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Sales Success Series Contents

Meet the Founder and author

Casey A. Marx, RICP® CFF®

Authored by one of the Industry's top producing advisors, responsible for over 350 million in personal issued production in less than a decade.

As an expert in finance, Casey is particularly interested in showing advisors how to take a holistic approach to handling their client's finances.

Pinecone's Ecosystem offers other independent advisors how to emulate the success that allowed Casey to exponentially grow his Retail Firm.