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Pinecone Pricing:

Pricing is Based on The Pinecone Ecosystem Pricing and Salesforce's Financial Service Cloud (which is the foundation for Pinecone).


Financial Service Cloud (Legacy Professional Edition) is Listed at $150/User/Month. Based on Pinecone's Partnership with Salesforce, we usually get that price down to $120/User/Month or less. Exact Salesforce Pricing depends on time of purchase, amount of licenses, and other variables. Salesforce pricing is managed and Salesforce, and Pinecone does not set this pricing.
Pinecone and Salesforce Pricing Do Not Include Separate Pinecone Seeds.

Data Migration & Pricing

Pinecone Pricing Images.002.jpeg

Data Migration Prerequisites

  • Estimate assumes that data shared with Pinecone will be divided by object (for example: Leads, Clients, Financial Accounts, and other objects as organized data). Hours are estimated by the number of tables and fields in the source database that must be associated to Pinecone equivalents, the data relationships that need to be established across objects, and how the data is organized before being passed to the Migration Team. Depending on how these variables relate to your old database, estimated time and price of migration may vary.

  • The more streamlined the data tables are, the lower the cost and amount of time required for migration. If Pinecone is requested to consolidate data into a single worksheet as described above, the estimated additional effort is considerable. Actual time will be dependent on the number of tables impacted in Pinecone, fields mapped, and work required to prep the file for import.

  • Estimate assumes a (1) partial test load for validation and (1) full import migration.

  • Pinecone Customer must participate in the field mapping and validation steps to ensure successful migration.

  • Any records migrated into Pinecone where the user/owner does not exist in the source data, unless otherwise directed, will be assigned to & owned by a single user (e.g., Main Business Owner Account or System Administrator).

  • Readiness of the source data is the responsibility of the Pinecone Customer, and data will be migrated “as is” transmitted to Pinecone. It is recommended that the Pinecone Customer “scrub” these files for typos and duplicates records. During the migration, we will not be checking for duplicate records or performing data cleansing.

  • Migrating attachments or files are not included in this estimate.