Total Technology Toolkit

Available in the Business Empire Plan ONLY

Requires Salesforce Subscription

Experience unparalleled technological efficiency tailored for life insurance, long term care, Medicare, Annuity producers and investment advisers, all custom built upon the world's leading CRM, Salesforce.
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Designed for ALL Users - Beginner to Advanced!

Platform Training & Support with a Self-Paced Text & Video Curriculum INCLUDED

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Revolutionize Your Practice with Pinecone’s Total Technology Toolkit.

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Tasks and Events Delegation for the Team

Enhanced organization and improved task delegation.

Leads - Client Journey Tracking

Comprehensive client management from leads through the sales cycle to client service and retention.

Scheduled Reports & CEO Dashboard

Unlock your business potential with unparalleled access to crucial data points - enabling optics, efficiency and profitability across your company.

Built on the World's Most Powerful CRM

Automation and integration capabilities, future-proofing your practice.

Unveil the future of client management and operational efficiency integrated into the world’s best-in-class CRM. Available on Desktop and Mobile

Introducing Pinecone’s Total Technology Toolkit, the zenith of tech advancement tailored for insurance agents and advisors. With our self-paced curriculum, master the intricacies of our platform. Our 40+ Standard Operating Procedures ensure you never miss a beat, enhancing productivity and ensuring clarity in delegation. From lead tracking to comprehensive client management, every step is simplified. Bolstered by Salesforce, the global CRM leader, you're not just adopting a toolkit, you're securing the future of your practice.
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Custom Made Training for All

A comprehensive, self-paced text and video curriculum developed to train all levels of technology experience and comfort.

Client Lifecycle Tracking

Efficient lead tracking through conversation, to life long satisfied clients, with household, financial account, and referral tracking.

Financial Account Management

Holistic client data management, including financial snapshots, individual account processing and transfer tracking.

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Unlock the Future of Efficiency with TTT.

World-Class CRM Application + Training

Built to Save Time, Energy, & Money to Ensure You Streamline Profitability 

Add Your Own Standard Operating Procedures

Keep Yourself Organized, and Delegate Critical Tasks to Your Team 

Limitless Capabilities

Lead Funnel Automations, Pre-Built Email Templates, Frictionless Compatibility with Thousands of Integrations & Much More...

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